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The most important historical monument of Parnitha National Park area, is the palace of the former royal family at Tatoi, along with its outbuildings.

the Tatoi palaceThis palace has been the main residence of the former royal family of Greece. The purchase of the Tatoi estate was completed after several attempts of King George ' and the relinquishment of the Mpafi National Estate (1,500 hectares) to him. The first purchase was made in 1871. Several others followed, so that in late 1870's the total expanse of the Tatoi estate was 4,500 hectares. In 1891, George ' made a mutual trade of a 100 hectares area, with various inhabitants of Acharnai.

part of the "Queen's pool"The history of Tatoi estate and its palace was linked with the modern history of Greece. In 1916, when Venizelos' government resigned, the nation was disunited and a huge segment of Tatoi estate (2,800 hectares), along with outbuildings of the palace were burnt to ashes. After the Minor Asia Catastrophe (1922) and the declaration of the ' Hellenic Republic (1923), Tatoi and its palace became public property, except for an area of c. 350 hectares, where refuges settled and formed modern Kryoneri. In 1936, when regality was restored, it was given back to its first owners. In 1946, after a relevant referendum, the former royal family moves back to the palace.

In 1973 a new referendum caused the compulsory expropriation of the entire estate and in 1975, when regality was permanently abolished, this estate was left to be regulated.

In 1992 a regulation gave an area of 400 hectares, including the palace and all its outbuildings to its former owner and the rest is managed by the "Tatoi National Park" Foundation, the members of which are appointed by the former owner. Other small areas were given to institutions.

In 1994 a new regulation brought back the expropriation of 1973 and the whole estate became public again. After this regulation, the former owners have recoursed to the law and the case was closed in 2002 after a relevant decision of the European Court of Human Rights. By this decision, the former kings received 4,000,000,000 drachmas and Tatoi became Public Property permanently.

palace outbuildingThe Tatoi palace complex includes numerous outbuildings, such as personnel quarters, outposts, storehouses, mews, apiaries, stock farms etc., which are now derelict.

The long-lasting non-solving of the ownership issue of the Tatoi estate resulted to its neglect for years and consequently, to severe damage. The palace and several buildings can still be preserved and become excellent places for historical museums, environmental education centers, natural history museum, recreation grounds, etc. They are not far from Athens and the natural environment is ideal.



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