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Saloniki plateauMeadows are wide flat areas either at mountain plateaus or at forest clearings, with low plants, mainly herbs and grasses. The most important meadows of Parnitha are situated at Mola, Saloniki and Loimiko. These are also habitats for numerous wild red tulips (Tulipa hageri), which colour the rough mountain landscape during the spring.

Some of the plants observed at the meadows of the mountain are: red poppies (Papaver rhoeas), wild daisies (Anthemis chia, Chrysanthemum coronarium), peacock anemones and crown anemones (Anemone pavonina, Anemone coronaria), buttercups (Ranunculus sprunerianus), dandelion flowers (Taraxacum sp.), several grasses (Aegilops sp., Briza sp., Bromus sp., Avena sp.) etc.

meadow with red poppies



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