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Endemic species Rare-Threatened Fungi Bryophytes-Lichens Herbarium


The Forest Service of Parnitha has conducted numerous plant collections and identifications, on the basis of managing the National Park. The first attempt was made during 1984-1985, and it was continued more systematically after 2001, with seasonal personnel of biologists specialized in this department, such as Eirini Aplada. By the end of 2005 over 500 plant species were photographed, collected and identified, deposited at the herbarium of the Forest Service of Parnitha. Several scientists have worked for this herbarium from time to time, such as the foresters: Nick Pangas, Georgios Karetsos, Yiannis Koutsoukos, Dimitris Papadopoulos, Vanta Gkouma, Georgios Amorgianiotis, Sylvia Papika, Foteini Kokla, Panos Zografos, Georgios Mantakas,
the Biologists:
Nick Zampoukas, Sylvia Papavasileiou, Eirini Aplada, Eleni Aggelidi, Carola Muller, Sofia Lazarou
and the forest rangers: Georgios Douvris, Georgios Gkourlias.

Since early 2006 a listing of all plant specimens in a database (MS Access) began, so that it may be accessible to anyone interested in seeing a certain plant collected from Mt Parnitha.

As soon as this database is completed, it will be posted in this website.



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