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On the highest summits of Mt Parnitha there is a vestigial vegetation zone, that consists of brushwood. The timberline in these areas is not natural, but has resulted from the reduction of the firforest due to either grazing in earlier years or particular climatic conditions prevailing during the past decades.

Kyra summitThe area covered by brushwood on the summits is rather small and lies 5 – 10m above the firforest. The summits hosting this type of vegetation are Kyra, Aeras, Naytiko and Xerobouni, while in several places, other plant species also occur.

Brushwood consists of herbs and several shrubs, such as: milk-vetch Astragalus angustifolius (cushion-like shrub), Attica's herbal tea (Sideritis raeseri ssp. attica), woodruffs (Asperula pulvinaris και Asperula rigidula), pinks and mouse-ears (Dianthus serratifolius ssp. serratifolius, Cerastium candidissimum), wild yellow tulips (Tulipa sylvestris), stonecrops (Sedum album, Sedum urvillei) etc. Most of these species are endemic or rare and are being threatened by telecommunication and military facilities, that have been established at the whole mountain's ridge, inducing the diminution of the indigenous vegetation's elements.

milk-vetch (Astragalus angustifolius)It must also be noted that one very important species of Parnitha's brushwood is the herbal tea of Attica, which grows only at the prefecture of Sterea Ellas and nowhere else! However, its populations on the mountain are facing serious danger from overcollecting and are subject to extinction. Collection of plants is prohibited at the core of the National Park of Parnitha. Nature deserves to be treated with respect and responsibility from its visitors.



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